Private tutoring versus group tutoring

I often am asked which tutoring does have better outcomes, private tutoring or group tutoring?

The answer to that depends on many variables including the stage of learning the student is in,
is he or she struggling or just wants some help to top their class? A student who is struggling
will find it difficult to adjust to a group setting.

Is the student someone who interacts with his/her peers to enhance their leaning or not?

What is the subject for which tutoring is required? For example mathematics is a subject that
is easier to learn in a group setting as compared to essay writing.

A student who is seeking tuition because he/she cannot follow what is taught at school, could
benefit from both types of tutoring. For example if the student finds his/her school teacher poor
in explaining the subject, will benefit from the clear explanations provided by a tutor in both
private setting or group setting.

The other factor is the ratio of tutor to student in a group tutoring, I have found that to have
an effective tutoring this ratio must be not less than 1:6, each 6 students must have a tutor
helping them.

Budget is the other consideration when choosing the type of tutoring.Group tutoring will be far
cheaper than individual or private tutoring, but for someone who can achieve his/her academic goals
through group tutoring having an individual tutor will be a waste of money.

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