Secondary education system in Australia

As we know in Australia a student can choose a variety of subjects from different departments.

For example a student can do extension two Mathematics and extension two English.

These are two subjects at the two ends of the spectrum, one preparing you for science,

engineering and other courses based on mathematics but the other preparing you for tertiary

courses in the field of humanities.

Is not this a waste of time and energy for a student who will eventually

choose one direction for their university study and career?

Is not it more efficient if high school subjects were divided into certain groups with

each group containing similar subjects and each student were allowed to choose the subjects

from the same group?

This has been the practice for many years in many different countries.

Private tutoring versus group tutoring

I often am asked which tutoring does have better outcomes, private tutoring or group tutoring?

The answer to that depends on many variables including the stage of learning the student is in,
is he or she struggling or just wants some help to top their class? A student who is struggling
will find it difficult to adjust to a group setting.

Is the student someone who interacts with his/her peers to enhance their leaning or not?

What is the subject for which tutoring is required? For example mathematics is a subject that
is easier to learn in a group setting as compared to essay writing.

A student who is seeking tuition because he/she cannot follow what is taught at school, could
benefit from both types of tutoring. For example if the student finds his/her school teacher poor
in explaining the subject, will benefit from the clear explanations provided by a tutor in both
private setting or group setting.

The other factor is the ratio of tutor to student in a group tutoring, I have found that to have
an effective tutoring this ratio must be not less than 1:6, each 6 students must have a tutor
helping them.

Budget is the other consideration when choosing the type of tutoring.Group tutoring will be far
cheaper than individual or private tutoring, but for someone who can achieve his/her academic goals
through group tutoring having an individual tutor will be a waste of money.

2014 Winter Olympics and Physics

Louri Podladtchikov from Switzerland won won the gold medal of Sochi winter Olympics for halfpipe snowboarding.

Assume that the pipe has a radius of 15m and Louri reaches a maximum height of 3m above the edge of the halfpipe.
If Louri has a mass of 60kg, find:

i) Louri’s maximum speed,
ii)the amount of reaction force from the halfpipe at the time of maximum speed.

Valentine’s day and maths

There is a chance of 40% that Jack will marry Jessica and a chance
of 60% that Jessica will marry John.
I) What is the name given to these events, events that their chance
together is 100%?
ii)If Jessica marries Jack there is a chance of 30% she will be happy,
but if she marries John, there is a chance of 60% she will be happy.
What is the chance of Jessica being happy after marriage?

Some observations about tutoring in Sydney

People or organisations who offer tutoring differ widely.
There are students who are still studying at high school
level and do tuition to earn their pocket money.
Obviously this group lacks the teaching training or

There are a second group of students who have completed
their high school and offer tutoring for maths or
other subjects. These group of students also offer tutoring
as individuals or are hired by tutoring centres which are
mainly owned by business people. This group of people also
lack teacher training and are not trained as teachers by
tertiary universities.

A third group are qualified teachers who are currently
working as maths teachers as their day job and offer after
school tutoring. This group is more equipped and qualifed
for tuition and they have the advantage of being
formally trained and experienced, however, tutoring is
a second job for them. This means that the tutee will be
tutored by a person who is already tired due to their school
work. The other problem with this type of tutoring is that
the tutor will not have time to prepare and plan for tuition.

The best option for private tutoring is a person or a tutoring
centre who uses qualified teacher/s as theirmain full time job.
This type of tuition for maths and other subjects is very rare and
you are lucky if you have spotted and enrolled in one of them.

Issac Newton’s third law

Did you know that every time you walk or swim, you use the third law of Newton?

You push the ground or water back (action) and they push you forward, making you move forward (reaction).

Feel free to add any other application in our daily lives.

Global Warming and your solution

It seems that human activity is the reason behind global warming.

More often heat waves, bush fires, irregular flooding etc. are the results.

It will get even worth as population increases, due to hot weather people using their air conditioning even more often etc.

What is your suggestion to stop it or at least slow it down?

If the voluntary contribution by individuals is not enough should the governments put in legislation in place to make it compulsory?

What is your solution if ¬†governments themselves like Tony Abbott’s government do not believe in global warming themselves?


Issues with the current NSW syllabi

Hi every body.

My name is Reza Bokat. I would like all educators and students share their view s about the current syllabi.

To start off this, I can see there is a problem with the HSC Physics , when teaching ¬†Michelson Morley’s experiment or

the Bragg’s experiment, if we do not cover the Young’s experiment which explains electromagnetic interference, it is not possible to understand any of those experiments fully.

What do you think?

Education is the answer.